3rd October 2018 – Himalayan Motorcycle Adventures Tour – The Forgotten Kingdom of Nepal

For Experienced Riders

The Forgotten Kingdom of Nepal – For experienced riders

Date: 3rd October 2018

DURATION – 15 Nights / 16 Days

Prepare to experience the most thrilling ride of your life to one of the most unexplored regions of the high Himalayas. This epic ride is challenging and technical and, is best done by experienced riders only. However, if you want to be taken out of your comfort zone we provide lots of experienced helpers.

For political reasons, travel into this Upper Mustang Kingdom was strictly forbidden, and the region remained isolated from the modern world. In 1992, it was decided to allow outsiders in on a very limited basis. (selected tour groups only and charging us $500US per person which is included in our cost). This isolation has helped maintain a way of life almost unchanged for centuries.

The Kingdom of Lo-Manthang (Upper Mustang) is situated at an altitude of 3770 m/12,441ft. It has many ancient monasteries and is the base for people wanting to visit the spectacular and ancient caves of Chhoser. The locals protect these fiercely as they are considered extremely sacred. Most of these are still closed to the public.

To get here, most of our ride is between 4000m and 4600m, as we negotiate many high passes and tricky road conditions. Make sure you have your altitude medication with you. It is still an independent kingdom with an allegiance with the democratic republic of Nepal. The people call themselves Lobas (people from Lo). They are very much Tibetan, and practice a sophisticated culture and economy. They are prosperous and maintain a strong sense of community.

The King’s palace is an imposing 4-story building in the center of the walled city. It is the home of the present king – Jigme Parbal Bista. The Honorary title “Bist” – ( is a high caste title in Nepali ) was conferred by the King of Nepal. Though his duties are largely ceremonial, he is respected by the people and consulted about many issues by the villagers throughout Lo.

The founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava, came here centuries ago to defend Buddhism against the forces trying to destroy it. To celebrate his successful battle, he built the temple of Lo Gekhar that still stands today, surviving along with an unadulterated Tibetan culture that cannot be found elsewhere.

In the early 7th century the land of Upper Mustang mainly, Lo Tshu Dhyun, was highly influenced by Lahsa of Tibet. The land was granted to the King of western Tibet. In late 1300’s a warrior called Ampel became the first king of Mustang) after he defeated the local warlord’s. He united the kingdom, and established his capital at Lo Manthang.

2018 (based on 5-7 riders)

Royal Enfield – US$5059.00 CRF Honda – US$5574.00

Pillion – $3064.00

Single Supplement – US$295.00


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