16th December 2018 – Moto TT Trackday Pukekohe

Motorcycle Trackdays NZ


We have returned to Pukekohe after many years away and have secured lots of days coming up, we also look forward to what the new management team will be doing to make our days even better.
Plenty of dates for both cars and bikes at Manfeild and Pukekohe and with the support from our simply brilliant sponsor you are sure to have a great time with MotoTT and Playday.  

Playday and MotoTT

1st Sep            Pukekohe Park Raceway MotoTT              $180

8th Sep           Manfeild Motorsport Park MotoTT            $140

9th Sep           Manfeild Motorsport Park Motul 4BY2 Endurance

29th Sep         Pukekohe Park Raceway MotoTT              $180

6th Oct           Manfeild Motorsport Park MotoTT             $140
7th Oct 
          Manfeild Motorsport Park MotoTT             $140
If Entering Both Days                                $250

21st Oct          Pukekohe Park Raceway MotoTT             $180

16th Nov         Pukekohe Park Raceway MotoTT             $180 

17th Nov         Motul 6hr Test Day Hampton Downs       $190
Two Race Groups, One Fast and One Medium

18th Nov        Motul 6hr Race Day Hampton Downs

1st Dec           Manfeild Motorsport Park MotoTT            $140

16th Dec         Pukekohe Park Raceway MotoTT             $180

More information about our track days including how they run, what to wear, rules for passengers, etc is to be found on our website

Please check with the event organiser prior to the event to confirm any cancellations or changes to the event.

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