Saturday, 27th April – Motorcycling Canterbury Have a Go Day

Motorcycling Canterbury

Motorcycling Canterbury Inc
Presents the “Have a Go Day” Advanced Rider Training Day

Saturday 27th April 2019
Ruapuna Raceway
Gates open 7:00am

Entry forms will be available on the website soon.

Over time the Motorcycling Canterbury Club has found a need to introduce new riders to the sport by holding “Advanced Rider Training Days “. These days give the street rider the opportunity to experience the racetrack environment, which permits the freedom of speed only limited by the ability of the rider. The “Advanced Rider Training Day” is open to anyone wishing to try out the sport. All you need is a motorcycle, leather riding gear (one piece or zip together) and a willingness to try something exciting. You DO NOT need a motorcycle road licence. You DO NEED a motorcycle that is in good general and safe condition.
We can show you correct cornering techniques, that will allow you to ride faster and safer, so you can get the most out of your motorcycle in the place where it is the safest place to do so, THE RACE TRACK!.
From this experience many have joined our club and competed in our events. Some have gone on to compete in NZ nationals and overseas events, like World Grand Prix.
If this sounds like you, check out the preparation details and we will see you there.

Class One: For experienced sports riders & aspiring club riders.
Passing allowed anywhere.

Class Two: For intermediate sports riders out for some fun.
Passing on outside of corners and straights only.

Class Three: For Novice riders and those requiring one-on-one training.
Passing on main straight only.

Class Four: For Junior Development, 250 Production, Lightweight Production & Bucket riders only

Class Five: For club riders who hold an MNZ racing licence only

Riders may change class throughout the day if they desire.

Rider and motorcycle preparation details

Riding gear you will need,

• A motorcycle helmet that is in good condition, we recommend a good clean visor, or goggles.
• Leather boots, motocross or touring type will do.
• Leather gloves.
• Full racing or touring leathers or, leather jacket of motorcycle riding type (not dress type), leather motorcycle pants which zip to the jacket.

Bike Preparation,

• You will need some duct tape, tie wire or electrical zip ties.
• Tyres must be up to W.O.F. standard.
• Mirrors need to be removed, or taped.
• Handlebar ends need to be plugged.
• Lights and indicators to be taped (duct tape) or better still, removed.
• Side stands, passenger footrests and centre stands need to be wired up (tie wire or electrical zip ties) or taken off.
• No oil or radiator leaks – check your sump plug.
• If your sump plug has a lock wire hole drilled in it, wire it up.
• Bring some tools to prepare your bike.
• Allow enough time to do this at the track or do it the night before and trailer your motorbike to the track.
• Remember to check tyre pressures, chain tension, oil and water levels, brake fluid levels, brake pads and bring fuel.

Rider Preparation,

• Bring water to drink water during the day. Water keeps you hydrated, which keeps your concentration up.

Machine examination is required for all bikes check the above for your safety.

A fee of $80 per rider is required to cover track hire, medical and equipment for the day. Come out and enjoy the day, bring a friend & family. Hot food & drinks are available. For further information contact Motorcycling Canterbury 03 359 8676 or 022-187-0809

Please check with the event organiser prior to the event to confirm any cancellations or changes to the event.