12th – 31st August 2019 – Beautiful Baltics – World on Wheels

Our route through six countries


Aug 12 — Aug 31 2019

Take a 3-week tour through the Baltic States

Visit the ‘official’ Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Poland which also has a coastline on the Baltic Sea, along with Belarus and western Russia.  You can expect all this and more on your Beautiful Baltics motorbike tour with World On Wheels.

This tour starts in Moscow and heads west to the ex-Russian state of Belarus. Then into Poland before heading north along the Baltic Sea, through the other ex-Russian satellite states and now freely independent European countries; Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, before returning to Russia via the world-renowned and magnificent state monuments of St. Petersburg.

Experience the history and culture of these beautiful  countries with World On Wheels, then explore our other breathtaking options for motorcycle adventures around the world.

Tour Dates / Prices

Aug 12 — Aug 31 2019  Now open for bookings
Rider:  US$8,500     Pillion:  US$7,500


Please check with the event organiser prior to the event to confirm any cancellations or changes to the event.