22nd July – 6th August 2019 – Mongolian Magic – Compass Expeditions

Central Asian Adventure.

Date:  22nd July 2019 to 6th August 2019

Mongolian Magic

Mongolia: One of the world’s last true wild frontier rides

Mongolia is an outstanding bikers destination, a country blessed with pure air and an incredible clarity of colour, there simply isn’t anywhere else on earth quite like it. If endless grassy steppes dotted with brilliant white Gers, vast rugged landscapes populated with wild horses, camels and yaks, Buddhist monasteries virtually wiped out under Stalinist rule, a wonderful retreat from our hectic pace of life is your thing, then Mongolia is your destination. It’s hard to imagine that this remote part of the planet once created the largest land empire the world had ever seen under Ghenggis Khan. Join us as we ride the “largest paddock on earth”.

This tour can be ridden back to back with our Kyrgyzstan Explorer tour to extend your Central Asian adventure.

Please check with the event organiser prior to the event to confirm any cancellations or changes to the event.