9th – 25th August 2020 – Trans Siberian Explorer

Russia & Mongolia

Trans Siberian Explorer

Russia & Mongolia: Ride remote Mongolia and the legendary Trans Siberian Highway through wild and epic landscapes

Duration: 15 Days / 16 Nights

This one of a kind ride will explore an utterly unique & rarely visited part of Central Asia. We shall experience an empty landscape dotted with gers and populated with wild mobs of horses and yaks that graze the lonely landscape, that is Mongolia. Crossing the border, we enter the legendary Siberia and visit the greatest fresh water lake on earth, Lake Baikal. Riding the renown Trans-Siberian Highway, we ride the epic Chuysky Trakt, in the stunning Altay region before riding back into Mongolia. This is a ride of endless superlatives, remote vast landscapes, epic lakes & mother Russia!!

Please check with the event organiser prior to the event to confirm any cancellations or changes to the event.